A Tribute to My Late Wife

cancer runHow does it feel when you have a terminal disease and you know that it is just a matter of time before your time is up. The feeling must be awful. There was this feeling of hunger, resentment and maybe denial that I saw on the once beautiful face of my late wife when she was diagnosed with stomach cancer which was in its late stages. It wasn’t only about the pain that she cared much about, but for our two beautiful daughters. I think they are the reason why she soldier on for a few more months than the doctors had anticipated. Whenever I look at the wristband on y hand, I can’t help but wonder why it had to be. She was lovely, caring and so supportive that life without her is something I couldn’t fathom.

I thank God because I was able to overcome all the grief from her loss and two year later, my two daughters are great as they could have ever been. Therefore, I wanted them to be part of a charity event which I had been involved in organizing to raise funds for cancer patients. My friends and I had met several challenges as we organized the event, but we wanted it to be successful. We had managed to find various sponsors and also a local radio station had accepted to advertise the event for us at a very friendly discount price.

The Charity Run

charity runOn the eve of the day, we went to bed early. That night I was filled with memories of my late wife as I remembered the good times that we spent together. I looked at the T-shirt that I had designed specifically for the event and I thought that by having her picture on the T-shirts was not a good idea.

On the day of the run, my daughters and I were set for the event by 7 and we left for the venue. After ensuring that all was per schedule, other official and I proceeded to grace the run. There were prizes for the winner although the thousands who came for the event did it for the course of charity.

The 30 km run was not a simple one. Because I had my daughters with me, we went at a slow pace. We were all not used to running, so I didn’t want them to feel any pressure. All was well for the first five kilometers before I realized that my youngest daughter couldn’t take it any more. We took a rest by the roadside and drunk some orange juice. After about 20 minutes of resting, I decided it is time to proceed.

We got back to the track and continued racing. After running for about a kilometer, my eldest daughter tripped and fell on the ground with her face. I got shocked as I tried to pick her up only to realize that she had passed out. Luckily, the first aiders were with us and they administered first aid to her before rushing her to the hospital.

She was treated and discharged, and I took them home. Afterwards I went back to the venue where the event was. All the races were over by then. I’m glad because the charity initiative was to stay and it would be participated each year for raising funds for cancer victims.